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有宏大的理想,可尚不知它具体长什么样;且这理想在日常生活中一天天消亡。有很多兴趣爱好,目前正在坚持的是跑步和starting strength training。


Yue is a research associate in Center of Systems Integration and Sustainability at Michigan State University on a NSF project that explores complex dynamics of telecoupled human and natural systems. Having been fascinated by the complexity of coupled human-natural systems since her senior year in undergrad, Yue accumulated 10+ years of experience in GIS and RS applications, land use models (particularly CLUE-S and ABM), and sustainability.

She is constructing an agent-based model to represent the soybean trade between Brazil and China, which will serve as a tool to help us understand and analyze telecoupling interactions and their impacts on sustainability.

During her PhD project, Yue investigated the resilience of vulnerable communities in less-developed areas (i.e., the Caboclo communities in the Brazilian Amazon delta) by quantitative methods and agent-based modeling. Besides research, Yue lectured Principles of GIS science, a major undergrad course in the University of Waterloo.

Yue is also a fan of sports, particularly rock climbing and starting strength. Her goal by the end of this year is to deadlife 220lbs.

Welcome to contact her :

E-mail: yuedou.whuATgmail.com

ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Yue_Dou

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yue-dou-b243a340/

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