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有宏大的理想,可尚不知它具体长什么样;且这理想在日常生活中一天天消亡。有很多兴趣爱好,目前正在坚持的是跑步和starting strength training。


This is for her friends who don’t speak Mandarin.

Dodo, a girl who is not smart but curious about all interactions between nature and human systems. She is now pursuing a doctor degree in Canada (She recently received her degree and is doing a postdoc in Michigan State University). She does have a so-called plan for the future; however, she is not 100 percent sure about it. One thing for certain is that she will devote herself to save the forest/cerrado and improve local people’s livelihood in less-developed area.

The most exciting part of her, which doesn’t happen often, is that she’s going to do fieldwork in the Brazilian Amazon in March, 2013 (and yes! this just happened)! And she will be there again in September, 2013 (and yes, it happened again)! And she further extended her study site to the central cerrado region in Brazil!

Welcome to contact her :

E-mail: yuedou.whuATgmail.com

same ID address of Gtalk and MSN.

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