So many first times

1)  I was born in Hubei Province, the central China, and stayed in Hubei for 21 years. Then I went to Beijing, the Geographic Sciences and Resource Institute, for further studying. And I have been to many places of China, but all of them are in the eastern part of China. This is my first time to get access to West China, especially such a special tropical area. I am so exciting to see a real coconut palm, to eat mango everyday, to taste jack fruit for the first time, and, the most important, to enter a real tropical rain forest. Xishuangbanna is a magic place! I love here!

2)  I’ve never done field work before, these forest work really make me exciting. Though we repeat same processes day after day, it’s kind of an interesting job. You discover different plants and different insects, you get amazing how creative the nature is. And working with lots of people is also an interesting experience. You can learn a lot from them, and also be creative. Last time, when we were in the limestone forest, I have to tie up the rope to a rock instead of a PVC. I asked Ferry what could I do with this rock, Ferry answered as “just be creative!” Then I tie the slope on the sharp horn of that rock. I mean, knowledge learned form textbook is a thing, but working in the real forest is another thing.

3)  It’s my first time to get so close to frogs. Actually, I didn’t like this animal because of their sticky skin. However, after the nigh survey of frogs, I started to fall in love with them. Frogs are so well-behaved, they just stand still, open their inculpable eyes, allowing you to take pictures of them. Sometimes, they jump quickly from this tree to that grass. I found six or seven frogs that night, one of them is Kaloula Pulchra which is rarely be seen. And I also found a alive lizard in tropical forest at the moment we prepared to go back. He has red lips, kind of like a makeup! Now I am not afraid of these creations.

4)  It’s the first time for me to eat fried flowers! Can flowers be served as a dish, omg?!

5)  It’s my first time to dry specimens.

6)  It’s my first time to wash really disgusting trousers, full of red mud and salt……

7)  It’s my first time to have party in a real Dai House and enjoy the strong alcohol.

8)  And, I hope there will be more exciting first times. I’m so glad to enjoy these first times with you guys!!

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