Afec-X 2009- WU Kai

Hi, everyone. Yesterday there finally was a rain in Beijing, cooling down the extremely high temperature here. I’ve stayed in office all day long, like a hibernant bear, the only difference between the bear and me was that I still keep eating during my hibernation. What about you, guys? Are you suffering the weather too?

This time let’s talk about WU Kai, the rain boy!

photo by MO Xiaoxue

Kevin is a doctoral candidate of Wuhan Botany of Chinese Academy of Sciences. I remembered his hometown is Yunnan Province, and he finished undergraduate in Yunnan too. So he is half host when we were in Kunming, taking us to the famous cross bridge rice noodles, and helping Bhakata deal his visa problem.

Kevin is a happy, big guy, always looks energetic, full of curiosity about everything which makes him keep asking questions. On his self-introduction, Kevin showed every aspect of his dissertation of master degree to us. I guess it’s about some kind of Mimosa, a exotic species. When we were in spider group, it’s Kevin who took most difficult part, which was distinguishing the gender of spider, by the shape of their tiny sex organ through microscope. Here I want to quote a paragraph from Peter, the big writer to tell a funny story about Kevin:

For all of us attending this course, English is not a first language but today i witnessed something wickedly funny. I entered the EcologicalEvolution lab and saw this young scientist (AFEC-X participant) staring with the greatest concentration into a microscope. Underneath the lens was a tiny spider. There was light perspiration on his forehead as he struggled to analyze the specimen. Suddenly a smile broke out on his face and he nearly punched the air as he exclaimed. IT’S A BOY!!!

Well, Kevin has a nick name “Rain Man” in our spider group. When in field, we use a plastic pipe to inhale spiders, so there would unavoidable be some saliva in the pipe. But there was like hundreds litre in Kevin’s pipe! And Kevin liked swinging this pipe, which made his saliva flow everywhere, just like it was rainy! So Yen used Rain Man to call Kevin. It’s a very vivid describe.

And Kevin once asked HUA Xia, a girl, to buy him a swimming suit, it seemed very inappropriate….

Hope Kevin will do great in Wuhan, with his doctoral dissertation!

One thought on “Afec-X 2009- WU Kai

  1. yendinh

    it is really interesting. Even now when I read your post about the origin of the name “Rain Man”, everything suddenly came back the time in XTBG. I miss you so much, Dou em. And all your guys, too. I totally agreed with you about Wu kai. He is so kind and lovely. He will became a big scientist with his passion and the way he keep update information. I believe this. And you, too. Look what you tackle the problem of your team and be accepted with the second highest team. The fact answers for all question. So just get some targets and go. Blue sky is waiting for you.


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