Disappear for a While

Hi, guys.

Now I’m at home, Xiangfan City, with my dear parents and supersize bed. and My mom helped me settle down all the dirty stuffs Download ms word viewer. I love her.

But I miss you so much, I dream about you lots of times.

Like this noon, I dreamed about you guys together with my dead grandmother (well, my bracelet once was her wedding gift from her father, it is 60 years old now) Download Pixie's Gimme. So weird, but I guess the reason is that, as an emotional and too sensitive person, farewell is the most hardest word for me to say. So, although we have been apart now, I hope we still be together 이집트왕자2.

However, I have to prepare for the soon coming GRE composition test, on August 31st, which I totally know nothing about yet.  And I can not easily get into Internet access, so,  I may disappear for a while.  But I promise you guys, after I going back to Beijing, finishing my GRE test, I will post funny pictures and blogs as soon as possible, and  my GRE compositions as well.  Please  criticize them, then I can get a higher score on that God Reading Test Download Zola Manguns. Thanks.

Miss you. HuaXia, Remember you promised to help me on the composition.

Yen, let me call you chi again.

Navendu, we will keep in touch on Gtalk Download the full Youtube channel. and I will consider about changing my future major to Ecology.  🙂

Bhakta, glad to know you solve your visa problem.

Andes, I’m sorry that Facebook is still blocked down by China goverment Download jeus 6.0. I will verify this friend request as soon as Facebook is not blocked.

Miss you, Orr, Nayana, Nana and other  XTBG guys.

p.s.This morning I read one piece of news, said that a car accident happend at Xishuangbanna this morning and 5 people died 유튜브 광고. We are so lucky! Bless those people.

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