Afec-X2009 –Chapter YI Zhuangfang

This week’s topic person is Nana.

pink peacock

pink peacock

It is no exaggeration to say that YI Zhuangfang is a legend. She is a typical Dai girl, having both beauty and smart, and good at dancing. As a girl origined from Xishuangbanna, after graduated from Sun Yat-Sen University, she choose to go back to her hometown, and wish to make her hometown better. The spirit should be highly praised and learned by other Chinese students. Now she is the first Dai lady who is a Ph.D student, officially. And her supervisor is a foreigner, Chuck Cannon, amazing ha.

Her home is not far from the tropical botanic garden, it is a small but nice place. Although not young anymore, her mother is still beautiful and hospitable, who is good at cooking. I like the eggplant and fish BBQ very much, and, the bamboo shoot and chicken in sticky rice too. Their house is a typical bamboo tower-people live in the second floor and some furnitures being put in the ground floor. Her mother is a  lady who knows how to enjoy life, she puts photos of all the family around their house, including the pic when Nana graduated from university, the pic they attained a performance, etc. Comparing to my own home, you can hardly find a single photo around every corner, but the white wall…

nana's bamboo house and food

I guess the characteristics Nana’s mother has influenced Nana a lot, which makes her a generous and helpful lady. On the last day we all the candidates voted for a person who is most helpful, Nana undoutly got the prize. As a student in XTBG and also a local person, she considered herself as half hostess and tried her best to guarantee our one month living in Xishuangbanna comfortable. Thanks, Miss Nana, you deserves this honor. There is one scenario I always arise  in my mind, which is that day we spider group went out for field work. She asked me to stay there and went into the intensive forest herselves, saying that : younger sister is born to be took care, which makes me always feel heat when recall this conversation. What’s more, I forgot my coat and umbrella in Navendu’s bag, then Nana mailed them to me, with some presents together. Thanks so much!!

I already told you  that Nana is the Dai Lady with the highest school record, but her goal is not just this title. Nana’s major in university is Physical Geography (the same with me, hoh), and now she is focusing on the rubber plantation in Xishuangbanna, which has sharply destroyed local physical environment. Her ph.d dissertation will build a model, helping control the sprawl of rubber plantations. She wants to make use of her attained knowledge to help her hometown and local people. It is not a easy job. We once talked about this, and she gave us  one example. once she called to her mother asked what was she doing, her mother answered as ” I’m burning the forest and plan to plant rubber”. Jeremy asked ” Then how did you response?”, Nana said:” What could I say? I just kept silence.” Rubber is the best income for local citizens, but, worst for local environment. We all understand it’s hard, but Keep going, Nana. We believe in you.

nana on presentation

Nana is a beautiful girl as I mentioned before, and she likes high-heels very much. She climbed up the Great Wall with a horrible high heels, omg…… And the day we spent in XTBG, it was rarely for her to not wear a high heel. However, she looks gorgeous in high heels.

Nana is good at dancing. She made a performance at the last night in XTBG, as a pink peacock. But since Jeremy told us that spiders  dance for mating, and only male spiders dance, we always make fun of Nana. But to be honest, I love her dancing very much.

And this girl is a proper candidate for being a wife, cause she is good at cooking too. the Pineapple Rice she cooked for us is stunning. Yummy >_< I wish I could make them too. So, boys, do sth now!

Hope we can meet again, Nana!


Happy Birthday to China~

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