Afec-X 2009–Chapter Liu Shengjie

Hi, guys, today we are going to talk about Liu Shengjie, the boy who always asked about “Money!”. Hohoh.

Liu Shengjie and Orr

the harmonious back view of Orr and Liu

Liu Shengjie is a boy from Hebei Province, China 호텔 델루나 5화. He is always sunny, but sometimes quiet, especially in lecture time. Well, I think the most primary character of Liu is that he likes offering help, but first giving you a complain Download Fallout 3. For instance, I asked him for accompanying me to catch spiders, he said “oh, it’s too hard”. But actually, I knew he would offer help after all these complains Download Solomon 3000. And the truth is, he went to the rubber with me that night and we went through a heavy rain. Thanks, Liu.

Liu Shengjie

Liu is a really nice guy, and we all like making fun with him securecrt 7.1 키젠 다운로드. At the beginning, we made jokes between him and Jer Pin. Then we made fun of him with Orr. I don’t know why we could always have materials for us to make fun too da dala. Maybe that’s just another evidence to prove him a nice guy—helping us to be happy. Oh, sorry, Liu….

once be a photo of Week

once be a photo of Week

The last days of Afec-X, he had to go back home cause his mother was sick Download the large number. The last time I saw him, he seemed really upset and worried. That’s because he is a good son. Luckily his mother got better. Hope your mother will be healthy and live long Gotham Season 1.

Liu, hope we will meet again, cause the goodbye we said was too rushed. And hope your mother and all your family will be healthy.

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