Afec-X 2009–Chapter Nayana

Hey, Naya, buddy!

The first time I met Nayana was the day before the opening of Afec-X, Heather took Nayana and Navendu to find something as dinner 웹 pdf. Only through comparison you can have feeling of somebody or something. At that time, Nayana was with Navendu, cause I didn’t like Navendu at that time, I thought Nayana was much cuter and nicer than that unfriendly Indian guy 카사블랑카. And at the first several meals, Nayana would give a “wow, great” praise for every plate of food and used his big camera to take photos, which likes a kid very much Download The Entire Book of Lipair. This is the first impression of Nayana.

scared boy

Then on his self-introduction, Nayana showed his big crush on butterflies equalizer apo 다운로드. He once had a perfect job, but he prefers nature more than computer screen, so he quitted that job and do the butterfly major. Everytime we went to field, Nayana would focus on finding butterflies Ubuntu 18.04 lts downloaded. The most amazing thing is that butterflies like Nayana too. I remember two times butterflies stayed on his body rather than us and we all felt surprised about it alexa 앱 다운로드. I guess that’s because butterflies can feel the love from Nayana.

full hearted Nayana-taking shoot of butterfly

full hearted Nayana-taking shoot of butterfly

After I joined the spider group, I needed to go to forests to catch spiders at night 도가니 영화. So I asked Nayana for help, giving me a accompany. But he told me that he would just give me accompany and would never show me the clue of spiders. And once I found a spider but failed to catch it, Nayana would thank God; if I caught one spider, Nayana would say “oh, bless” Monument valley apk. He believes in Buddha, eats little meat and wears a yellow line on his wrist which was prayed at a temple.

too tired to walk

too tired to walk

Nayana likes taking photo and knows well of photo equipments, he expressed great passion on Mo Xiaoxue’s cameras 디즈니 틀린그림찾기. Because of the interests of taking photos, Nayana has a sensitive feeling of beauty and emotion. I guess that’s the reason he could find a beautiful girl and has a happy life at so early an age ohys.

I often met him on Gtalk, and usually it’s even before 6:00 at their local time, so Nayana is a very hardworking guy, and good at his work. So, Good luck, Naya~

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