Afec-x2009–Chapter FAN Huan

FAN Huan, whose English name is Heather, is this week’s person.

I knew Heather before this course, because Heather and I joined the same broadcasting organization, we broadcasted news every Thursday night. Of course, it is not professional, but we enjoyed it very much. And we choose a same course, Forest Ecology, which makes us become good friends. She is the special person I should thank to, cause she is the one who gave the news of this course. If there is no Heather, I cannot be in XTBG, knowing so many fantastic people. So, thanks, Heather.

all colleagues in front of radio station, can you recognize Heather and I?

all colleagues in front of radio station, can you recognize Heather and I?

Heather is a girl who has magic to make everyone likes her. She is humorous, remembering all the funny plots in Friends and using them at hand. The last night at XTBG, we talked about the age issue, then Heather said once Joey in Friends wearing big clothes and saying “Hey, Buddy!” to act as a teenager. Well, her act was very funny and exactly the same with Joey!!

Heather in her college shirt

Heather in her college shirt-by Orr

With many years practice of violin, Heather is great in music. She plays violin great, and sings great, with great passion. She has a sensitive feeling about art and aesthetic, which also shows out in her dress style. I like her personal dress style very much.

Heather is also sensitive in academy. She is interested in many disciplines, especially the plant taxonomy. When we were in Beijing, she once explained the differeces about beach blossom and plum blossom to me, but, unfortunately,  I couldn’t fully understand the sepal, or the pistil. hohoh, hope Heather would do even greater in her study.

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