Afec-X 2009- Chapter Yen Dinh

So, the person of this week is our super cute Yen.

Yen with flowers, Yen in field

Yen with flowers, Yen in field

Yen Dinh is a girl from Viet nam. She is a small but beautiful girl, with big and bright eyes. Our very first contact occured at the first lecture we had in Kunming. She sat there lonely, typing in her Lenovo laptop altered carbon 다운로드. It should not happen, a such beautiful girl sitting alone. So, Hua Xia couraged me to talk with her. But the funniest and embarassing thing is that I said “what’s your name” in Chinese cause I  thought Yen was a Chinese girl. As you can imagine, her response is “Sorry, I don’t understand Chinese”…. However, as she had no roommate and waitress in that hotel could not speak English,  Hua Xia and I  were the first people who have conversation with her in China 언밸런스x2. She even asked me to give a Chinese name to her. Since her given name Yen is the same meaning with swallow, and the similar sound Dinh with Chinese character 丁,so I advised “丁雁” as her Chinese name. I feel lucky about this honor.

Yen is a very clever girl. Although her English is not very good, Yen is capable of making people understand her easily; and vice verse 세포키우기. Her body language is plentiful, not only helps her explain her ideas, but also make people laugh happily. And brave too, she once steped up to the front of lecture room to explain her question. Moreover, I guess Yen has ability of reading heart. We once talked about love, marriage, the relationships we fall into-always the same topic between girls, it’s hard for me to explain my feelings even in Chines, but she could get through what I was thinking about 뽀로로와 노래해요 3기 다운로드.

Yen is also an interesting person, who is full of jokes. When we went out for spider hunting, everyone was exhausted, Yen told several jokes at the break which gave us energy back. Which was even more funny than the jokes themselves is the request Yen asked for before she told stories :” Teacher (that is Jeremy), you must promise that you will forget the story I will talk about swift wkwebview 파일 다운로드. I hope you will still think me as  a good student.” After Jeremy gave his promise, Yen told her funny stories. I guess until now, Jeremy still remember these jokes clearly. And Yen always makes fun of Jer Pin. One joke she said about Jer Pin is that Jer Pin is too skinny to be a skeleton teaching facility, which is so vivid and fancy that I will laugh even now when i think about it Packet Tracer 6.1.

you could only see half of Yen's face, but she is still the lightspot.

you could only see half of Yen's face, but she is still the lightspot.

Yen and Navendu, happy time in break

Last but not least, Yen is very considerable. When my first independent project faced up a bottleneck, she advised us to ask Jeremy for help; when other people discussed how to do lab work, she was cutting labels behind Download the webtoon armed. Because she is older than me, she asked me to call her “Chi”, elder sister in Vietnamese, and she calls me as “Em”. And although i am much heavier than her, she still insisted to take me by bike. And we bought the same blue dress with a peacock on it.The last day in Kunming, she gave me one bracelet with my name on as a gift. I like it very much Download Sandolgothic neo1.

Yen, if the PCA you mentioned is same with what I know, then I guess you could read this below as a refernce. I’m trying to explain it with a  simple and clearly example. As we all know, there are many factors impacting on the the development of soil: temperature, rainoff, elevation, rocks, runoff, wind, organic matters, human activities arcgis 10.2 다운로드. Then there is a relation between these factors and soil type. But there are too many factors here, our purpose is to use as few indicators as possible to explain the soil type. So, what we can do is to find two to three comprehensive indictors, which contains larger than 90% information of these eight factors, to explain the relaion.  So, the result we get might look like factor 1 which contains 30% information from temperature, 20% from runoff, 50%from rocks; and factor 2 covers 10% from temperature …..In a word, what PCA could do is dimensionality reduction 알카트라스 탈출. Hope I’ve expalined it clearly and right.

Anyway, Many wishes to this lovely lady, hope you everything a success and the most important is that keep laughing, keep optimistical. Hope I can attend your wedding >_<


DOU em

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  1. yen

    Dou em
    Thank you very much. It makes me really happy. Hope to see you again anywhere in the world. Hope the life could bring you and me to come one place again.


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