Afec-X 2009–Chapter Jer Pin Chong

Now it’s Jer Pin’s turn. Jer Pin Chong is a Malaysian, currently working in a Molecular Ecology lab in Utah State University, U.S.A. (from his blog) Download Dress Up. He can speak fluent Chinese besides Malay and English. And, yes, you are right, that’s because his ancestors are from Anxi County, Fujian Province, China,where produces the famous Tie Guanyin, a variety of oolong tea 클릭 투 트윅. BTW, I once asked my friend to guess his nationality; and the answer is “South Korea”. I think the reason might be that Jer Pin looks really international… cmd file.

Jer Pin’s self-introduction deep impressed me, even five months passed away, I still remember all the details 3D Custom Girl Evolution. Firstly he emphasized he is at least five years older than we thought. Before that, we all considered him the same age among us, 22, 23 or 24 at most 패신저스. It turns out his real age is 28 years old!! Oh, man, it really shocked. All girls want his secret to be young. Secondly, he said he is skinny. Ok, that’s a easy-found out character Works2 Hangul. He looks exactly SKINNY, no wonder Yen called him a skeleton.

Jer Pin is a funny person and knows how to present his humor. When on his first presentation, he asked us if we thought it was too long, we could give him the gesture of  “cutting one’s throat” 의학사전. And on the last presentation about the independt project, he made an advertisement of their equipment, said that if anyone wants to know sth about their water-depth detection, please contact them, it’s their patent Download Python requests. Also, when at a chat, I asked Naya and Yen to give their MSN to me, JerPin said: you can talk with each other face to face now,  why do you need a MSN Download Rusty Blood? 囧….

Well, Jer Pin has been choosen as the will-be most successful scholar at the end of Afec-X, due to his preciseness, aspiration to knowledge and effort My name is Tuniti. Jer Pin is scerious about academy. I once were in the same group with him at the field. He labeled and I recorded. He asked me to write down every information, and made a special remark if we could not make 100 percent about the species. I didn’t understand why and thought he would be too rigid.  He said ” My job is detecting the gene sequence, sometimes it takes our several days to find out a error was due to the wrong samples, which orginal comes from the people’s careless who collect samples at field. So, if  we do this more carefully, it will save people in lab a lot of time.” And I once saw his records of their independent project, which was really explicit. Moreover, he is not only disciplined in research himself, but also advices so to his friends, Yen for instance. That’s what the characteristic I need to learn from him.

For his life style, Jer Pin likes eating cookies and bought two bags of cookies with him back to U.S.  His literary interest is reading horror fictions, such as Cai Jun’s series of 荒村公寓 (Mason of Deserted Village )…….

I like this photo very much, I think Jer Pin is enjoying Bhakta's feet.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, hope you can find a girl in 2010. Looking forward to it~

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