Afec-X 2009–Chapter Orr

Orr is a girl from Thailand. Her name is Jitwadee Khoonwongsa, a little bit long and complicated for us, so she let us call her Orr for short. We are in the same age, so we share many things in common, like the same style of earrings download otf.

I guess the greatest characteristic of Orr is that she likes drinking beer very much and she drinks beer everyday. At first I was a little bit  shocked about her habit, but cold beer is a really good choice in hot Xishuangbanna.  However, I’m still not good at drinking beer, but Orr is really good at it Adobe Master Collection cs6. And due to the beer thing, she gave the nick name “Baby dog” to Navendu cause he refused beer.

Orr is a good looking girl, but actually she is like a guy, strong and boyish, which we could tell it from her favorate beer Download epic high 9th album. She has a watch, a boyish watch, which shoulc be described as cool rather than cute. And she looks good in the field suit too.  She has been observing birds in the field for a long time Mongolian movie. It’s not easy for a girl to undertake this work. I think I should learn from her.

Orr has good taste in dressing 동창생. Every girl in Afec-X made a suit of Dai dress, and all my friends believe her suit is the best. They even described my suit as ” the tast of country girl”, but her suit as ” elegant” … Download Gregorio's choir. Well, that’s true….

And Orr is naughty too. She is good at taking photos and she does take a lot of wonderful pics, such as Sleeping Navendu, Carla in a nap and Eating Zhang Minggang….  She could catch the wonderful moment and shoot the pics Download the virus. What could I say, such a naughty girl who brings a lot fun to us. Let’s review these moments and enjoy!

Orr likes stealing mangos very much too 장기 무료. She always asked Navendu to help her climb up mango trees at night and get green mangos, singing “mango, mango!” and “Navendu, Navendu!”

Everytime I catch her on MSN, she is at work, such as still papers for reading or works to do 싸이월드 미니홈피 사진. I know she is really good at her study, but hope she could manage all these things better, and look into the bright side of work, people and life.

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