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Afec-X 2009–Chapter Xia Hua

Huaxia is an anciet name which Chinese use to call ourselves.  So it is very popular used by big enterprises, such as Huaxia Bank. However, Nayana said they also came across one restroom with this name too, funny…

My primary impression about Hua Xia is her large trunk, cause I havn’t met her but her luggage yet, tied up and labeled her name, address and e-mail address. From the style of her hand writing, I got a conclusion that this girl is, undoubtly, capable, effective and effcient. Well, it turned out that my judegment is partly correct–she is capable, effective and effcient in research, but not daily life jqgrid excel 다운로드. hohoh….

Hua Xia is one year and half older than me, however, she is far beyond me already. By getting an amazing score on the GRE test and excellent oral English, as well as the experience on her field, she is now studying in Stony Brook. I’m not surprised at all that their indepent project got the first prize, which they have considered every aspect and made it invulnerable. They deserve this honor remote call 다운로드. She also gave me a lot of suggestions about my project and my future study. Thanks, Hua Xia.

Well, here comes the highlight. Although Xia is a smart girl, she is also a Otaku. Everytime we came back from outside, Xia would take off her trousers and change to a clean sleepwear, jump on her bed, shouting “wow, I love my bed!” She also prefers working at her own room (especially her bed)-in a comfortable coat and gesture, to sitting straight in office or lecture roomy.  Moreover, she likes accumulating dirty clothes 만화 송곳 다운로드. Well, it is not really “like”, but she would not wash them until she has no clothes left…. I think this is very cute.

Xia’s dream is to become a farmer who could do some research at leisure time. She once said that she admire farmers because they are unaffected, and research is her interest, so this profession is best suitable for her.

Her favorate food is Chicken Feet, and she only took one pair of shoes for daily life-a pair of blue canvas shoes Download the English to the ears. At the final presentation, it was her first time to wear a skirt in this course, but with that canvas shoes. Well, I have to admit that this arrangement is not bad. Now when I wear a skirt, I will choose a pair of canvas shoes too.

I like her smile very very very much. Her research object is frog, and in my opinion, she looks like a cute frog too 염불 무료. Everytime she laughs, her eight white teeth will show up and shine brightly. After the course, I reviewed all photos and found a truth that Hua Xia is laughing happily with her eight white teeth in every photo!! Here is the evidence!

her big smile and shiny teeth

her big smile and shiny teeth

—————————————Then this is about me——————————————

Sorry to post this Chapter one week later than my promise adoration of saga. I finished my GRE writing test and helped my advisor write the first chaper of Flora of China, which is Physical Geography of China. It is an English version and I have to review all the information and data of China’s physical geographic condition. I hope I can handle it successfully 던오브워.

By writing this book, finally I understand the differences between geography and ecology. The former concept is something about physical conditions: climate, water, soil, vegetation, rocks and atmosphere, and the relation between human activities. However, ecology is a subject focusing on the relation between species and environment. It doesnot consider much about the environment itself. Am I right Download youtube copyright? Welcome comments. I know my understand might be not so accurate.

My institute is very close to the Bird Nest and Water Cube, it takes me 30 minutes to run to these two great buildings and come back, usually the time of 5 to 6 songs. I have already spend 5 days running around 10pm, enjoying the beautiful night views. Unfortunately, it is unconvinent for me to take a camera when doing exercises, so I just use my cellphone to take some photos 윈도우 7 서비스팩. They are not very clear, but you could still feel the beauty.

the Water Cube

the Water Cube

the Bird Nest without light

the Bird Nest without light

I hope one day I can show you guys around. I mean it.

And another news is that I came acors Jiajia the day before yesterday!! Beijing is 16,410.54 sq km and has 17 million people, it is impossible for you to meet someone without an appointment! Makesami! Hohoh, I have to say that this is the connection between people in Afec-X. And I might meet you guys at Beijing, NY, London, or anywhere!!

Last but not least, I want to thank Yen who called me the day before my exam and gave me a best wish. Naya and Jeremy, thanks for the great pics, I havn’t thought that I could be so beautiful before seeing these pics. Nana, thank you dear sister, for all the encouragement.