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Afec-X 2009–Chapter LIU Yongjie

Hi, dear everyone! After several rains, Beijing started suffering heat wave again. However, I’m lucky to serve Heather and LIU Shengjie here last week Download iTunes 32-bit. Heather came to attend a one-week course, and LIU Shengjie prepared of his visa to US for a conference. They both do a great job! Besides our research talk, we went to a rap show together, and we visited around Beijing Botany together 자동 백업. In short, we had a wonderful time! And I heard lots of great news of you guys in XTBG. So, today I would like to tell you a good news of LIU Yongjie, Jimmy Download Hancom Office Hangul 2014!

Jerry is a small man, but often with a loud voice. He is good at long-distance announcement, which always shocked Orr. His typical dress is T-shirt in orange, or a long sleeve in camoflague Download Japanese music.

IU Yongjie, Jimmy, got from his blog http://liuyongjie203.blog.163.com/album/#m=2&aid=83265574&pid=3217703708

Jimmy is a helpful person Download The Gain Song. There is one thing I remembered markablely. That’s when we were in the pomelo forest, the sun was burning, and we worked a whole day. Everyone of us was exhausted, like bathing in sweat 코렐드로우 2017. At the time we began to go back, I found I left my bag somewhere, LIU Yongjie just ran back and helped me find it, which made him drip sweat and slight sunstroke Download King's Case Handbook.

Jimmy went to steal pomelo with "two girls" at the last night we spent in XTBG

Jimmy went to steal pomelo with "two girls" at the last night we spent in XTBG

I heard that Jimmy already finished master degree in XTBG and will go to Zhejiang University for his doctor degree Download the poster template. He is the only person who successfully passs the doctoral entrance exam among all the people in XTBG. Besides this achievement in academy, Jimmy met his special girl during his oral quiz Download the movie Miles! Hoh, what a wonderful fate!

Hope everyone have the good luck as Jimmy!

Afec-X 2009–Chapter Navendu

Navendu Page, an Indian Ph.D student majored in Ecology, was in Afec-X too. He is the guy I like most in this course. Deli always calls him as “我们家印度小帅”,which is “my Indian Handsome” in English. I like this nickname, better than “babydog”.

smile like kids

smile like a kid, by Orr

At the very beginning, due to my poor oral English and his accent, we can hardly get into each other Download java books. I still remember cause our birthdays are very close–his is Jan 23rd, mine is Jan 22nd– we have to introduce each other to the whole people (it was that silence game, remember?). He wrote down his name on my notebook, and his major, institute as well. Otherwise I cannot understand only by speaking.  So, it’s a surprise and lucky I found I still keep that page after we left XTBG, hoho Download imagex.

At the very beginning, he looked like this image in my mind.

At the very beginning, he looked like this image in my mind.

But when time goes by, as familiar with his accent, I found him actually a knowledgable and interesting young man, who is always glad to offer help-especially stealing mangos with Orr. Navendu is always curious about plants, animals, and food. However, not so skillful in using chopsticks, he always prefers spoon and definitely will forget it in the tray and get turned to other side of the table Download iPhone Cloud Photos. Everytime when I think about this, I cannot help myself to laugh. And sad to know he has a 15-year old fiancee at home, although he denied it as a joke.

Moreover, he is a nice and thoughtful friend. When we faced bottleneck on our indepent project, he encouraged us and gave kindly suggestions. Those gentle encouragement, as to the point, made me feel not that depressed 스카이캐슬 7화 다운로드.

Actually, he is a funny guy, and pretty too. :-)

Actually, he is a funny guy, and pretty too. 🙂

The character which makes him as a scientist most is that he is interested in his major, although he already knows every plant’s Latin name, and is familar with every kinds of species 신룡무. There is one example about his concentration of his major. The last day we spent in Kunming, everyone just focused on shops along the street, but Navendu still found several trees which he was interested in.  And when at field, each time when some argument happend on one species, people would call Navendu for judge. The second important character involves the earnest and suspicion. He is serious about every data we collect, every assertion we make. On the very first field work, Limestone Forest, I remembered he kept making sure wheter these fallen leaves were from the tall tree we could not get Download Hwangsung Martial Arts. And it turned out that the fallen leaves we collected was from another tree. Then Chuck and he tried every way to get leaves of that huge tree. And finally they did it! Besides these remarkable characters, he has his own deep and wide opinions on Ecology, definitely. I believe he will be a successful researcher in the future 마인크래프트 고아원 다운로드.

all kinds of Navendu

all kinds of Navendu

When we said Goodbye at Kunming, he promised to call me and he kept it. After came back from XTBG, I got a serious cold (luckily it’s not H1N1) and some other problems. I wrote him an e-mail, telling him the unhappy things Download Final Cut Crack. Last night, he gave me a call from India! It was really touching and encouraged when hearing his voice from India.  As Nayana said in his blog:”Hundred words does not give pain. But true friends silence makes more tears in heart.” It is far far away between us- he is in Pune, the west of India, while I am in Beijing, the northeastern part of China 정진철. However, I am sure the connection between us will never break down. And the friendship will not fade.

my favorate pic

my favorate pic-Navendu and me.

Above is one of my favorate photos 팟빵 모바일. I don’t know why but this one makes me feel eternal. Maybe one day in the future, not far away, we could meet at XTBG, and take picture together at this place again. Or perhaps some kind of international conference, who knows. And the smiles on our faces will definitely be the same: gentle on his face, and, maybe Peter could give more suitable words here, exciting or happy on my face?


Next chapter will be finished after August 31, cause that day I have the GRE writing test and I have to prepare for the arugments and issues. I guess next chapter I will write something about Xia Hua, my dear roommate. Hoho, I have many interesting secrets about her. Then I plan one person each week. It’s really a big project, but, not so hard as the virtual forest we did, and a lot of fun, right?


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据说是叫“ma lu”的一种虫(原谅我到现在都不知道该怎么写)

据说是叫“ma lu”的一种虫(原谅我到现在都不知道该怎么写)

其实还有很多啊,各种蜥蜴(有天晚上发现了一只红唇蜥蜴)、蚂蚁(金色的)、乱七八糟的。那天还在显微镜下看了好多只arthropod 的复眼,呃。我很震惊当时有女孩子一直叫“好可爱呀好可爱啊!!”





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